Speech Therapy  ●  Occupational Therapy  ●  Physical Therapy  ●  Psychology 

Speech Therapy

Articulation, Comprehension, Expressive & Receptive Language, and Social Skills


Occupational Therapy

Activities of Daily Living (such as Dressing, Eating, Hygiene, Organization), Fine Motor Skills, Handwriting, and Sensory Integration Skills


Physical Therapy

Balance, Coordination, Gross Motor Skills, and Strengthening Activities



Counseling and Support for Behavioral, Cognitive, Emotional, and Learning Challenges 


Benefits of Using Enable My Child

Accessibility & Time

Say goodbye to waiting lists and long commutes associated with a brick and mortar therapy clinic. With Enable My Child, there’s no waiting and no traveling so your child can receive therapy sessions at times and places convenient for you.

Improving Home Based Skills

School based therapy can be a wonderful tool to help your child succeed in the school setting. But, schools do not focus on those problem areas that are occurring outside of the school environment. Therapy services with Enable My Child can focus on the difficulties occurring in the home environment to help your child with those everyday challenges.

Generalized Skill Carry-Over

Tired of watching your child succeed with a skill in the therapy clinic only to see that skill lost in the home environment? The benefit of your child receiving therapy in the home is that they are developing specific skills that are needed in your child’s everyday life. This leads to generalized skill carry over and more successful outcomes.

Choice in Frequency

Sometimes, the schools cannot and do not adequately provide your child with the amount of therapy that you feel is needed for your child to succeed. Since Enable My Child is able to qualify children differently than in the schools, you are empowered to work with our therapists to devise a frequency plan that you feel is beneficial for your child.

Supplemental or Primary Therapy Options

Enable My Child can be used as a supplement to the ongoing therapy your child is receiving elsewhere to promote skill carryover into different environments. Enable My Child can also be used as your child’s primary therapy source so you can work with the therapists in devising goals that are important to you and your child.


As a parent, you’ve felt overwhelmed and frustrated trying to understand your child’s challenges. Since our therapists are communicating with you in your home environment, they can offer education and tips on utilizing your own resources to promote and develop your child’s skills.


Traditional therapy clinic costs can average around $12,000 per year in addition to transportation/parking costs.  With Enable My Child, an evaluation and 50 weeks of 60-minute therapy sessions would cost $4,000.  Please see our pricing page for more details.


Treatment plans developed in traditional clinics can be difficult to practice at home because the equipment and environment is different. Our therapists develop goals and intervention activities to apply to real-life situations in your own home environment.


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