Our Story

Our story

The idea for Enable My Child came out of a chance meeting founder Syed Mohammed had with the parents to two autistic children in an airport. The parents told him about their challenges as parents of special-needs children: lack of support, lack of professional help, and the high cost of therapy.

Syed felt their pain and helplessness. Having ADHD, he knew what it was like to be misunderstood. He’d experienced the frustrations of trying to accomplish things that were easy for other children. As an adult, he knew that early intervention is key to setting up a child for success.

He began researching, and he talked to over 150 parents of children with various disorders. His research led him to a solution to the problem: Enable My Child.

Enable My Child was founded with a revolutionary idea to cut red tape, enhance quality of service, increase accessibility, and lower costs to provide a premium service for ALL children in our country.

Seven team members spent almost two years researching and developing the EMC platform.

We (that team) are a group of experienced pediatric mental health professionals who are addressing a problem with our health care system. We understand that it isn’t easy to access pediatric therapists. There is a disproportionately long waiting time for children to be evaluated, treatment is expensive, and it’s not always easy to take time off and take children to see a therapist. Our new technology, with highly rated therapists, allows families and children to access premium child therapy services wherever they are.

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